Our Story



We are here to help zen mamas and tiny yogis create spaces and styles that inspire laughter and love, with intention, creativity, and a connection to what makes them feel most joyful. We believe in bare feet, big smiles, and beach days whenever possible. Everything we do is influenced by yoga, motherhood, and Mother Earth. 




Hi! I’m Olga, the founder of 4TinyYogis. Before bringing this company into existence, I was a Jersey Shore living, beach loving, sleep-deprived mother of two, working to raise healthy, happy kids who are kind to the planet and each other. 

I have loved animals since before I could walk. Spending summers on a farm in the Ukraine, my dad taught me how to care for goats, chicken, geese, and rabbits. We grew our own vegetables too, which gave me incredible appreciation for how much work, love, time and attention goes into each plant, from seed to sprout. I chose a plant-based diet as a child, which was NOT easy to do more than 20 years ago in my home country! But I couldn't imagine eating any of my friends on the farm, ever.

Yoga came into my life during college years. My first class was one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of my life! I remember looking around and realizing I was the youngest person in the room - and also the weakest, least flexible, and most self-conscious. I was intimidated, but NONE of that was going to stop me. Day one, I was all in. Yoga for life!

Yoga carried me through major transitions in my life. My mat was there when I moved from the Ukraine to the US. I unrolled it through college and grad school. I used it to ground down on the days I missed my family, to celebrate as I prepared for my marriage and then children, and to remind myself I would always be "home", even as we moved from NYC to the Jersey Shore. So many milestones in my life are imprinted on my mat. Tears, laughter, frustration, excitement, and everything in between.




Over the first few years of my daughter's Vivienne's life, I tried - and failed - to find fun, yoga-inspired baby onesies and nursery décor that would speak to our shared love of animals, the ocean, and yoga. I knew there had to be other parents (and yogi babies!) that felt exactly the same way, so I began creating bold, fun, and eco-conscious patterns, clothing, and home goods. I wanted our spaces and styles to reflect what I was feeling as a mom, a yogi, and a human being who wants to show up just a little bit better every single day for my family, friends, and community. After years of searching for what I hoped to find, I decided to just make it happen myself and, hopefully, make the shopping experiences of other mamas even easier. 


My "project" became a passion, and then my passion became 4 Tiny Yogis!




It’s important for us to use the positive support we receive from our amazing customers to do some major GOOD in the world. As a demonstration of our care, compassion, and gratitude, we donate a portion of the proceeds from everything we sell to charities supporting children with special needs.